Patent Nationalization Fund


In response to feedback from our UT institutions, The UT System Office of Innovation and Strategic Investment (OISI) recently secured $425,000 in funding for the creation of the UT System Patent Nationalization Fund (PNF). The objective of the PNF is to further protect the value of UT intellectual property and to enhance its licensability. PNF awards will be competitive and reviewed by internal (UT) and external (industry) teams of reviewers. Awards are meant to absorb international patent nationalization costs with the expectation that these expenses will be reimbursed to the PNF by the institution when the institution is reimbursed. Allowable patent nationalization costs currently include foreign patent filing fees, foreign patent agent fees, translations, and conversion fees for currency. Institutions will be expected to pay all associated maintenance costs. For technologies receiving awards, we will have an efficient quarterly update survey in place to track outcomes and progress.

Application Process and Timeline:

  • Currently we are operating on a rolling basis. Please apply when your institution has the need.


  • The online PNF application can be found here.
  • The application in Word format can be downloaded here, so that you can preview the questions and prepare.
  • Please limit the provided information to that which is non-confidential in nature.


How will I know if my application was submitted?

  • The last step of the application is to email with the required supporting documents. The UT System Office of Innovation and Strategic investment will confirm receipt of your application and supporting documents by email.

What if we have not filed a PCT application or similar?

  • We are requiring that a PCT application or similar be submitted. If you have a specific opportunity that does not meet this requirement, and your UT institution requires financial assistance for nationalization purposes, please send an email to describing the situation.

How long will the PNF be available?

  • Given that the PNF was established with a set amount of funds and that we currently do not know what the demand for PNF awards will be, we do not know how long funds will be available. If funds become available, we will notify our institutions.

What if our UT intuition is never reimbursed for the patent nationalization costs covered by the award?

  • Institutions will not be required to repay the PNF award if the addressable costs are not reimbursed by a licensee or other means.

Can our UT institution use a PNF award to cover maintenance costs for the addressable  patent(s)?

  • No, all patent maintenance costs will the responsibility of the UT institution.

When will awards need to be used by?

  • We anticipate that awards should be used within six months.

If an award is made, what will the reporting requirement be?

  • A brief online quarterly report will be distributed until the PNF award is repaid by the institution. This will cover patent prosecution updates, as well as a description of licensing efforts and progress.

How will awards be distributed?

  • The UT System Office of Innovation and Strategic Investment will reimburse institutions of applicable costs that are agreed upon in the decision process.


If you have any further questions, please email